Were you or someone you know a victim of the March 2015 Hailstorm?

You are not alone. According to collected weather data and news reports, the cities of McAllen, Alton, Mission, and Pharr were all slammed with hail moving along with wind gusts estimated around 50 MPH. Hail was reported in some areas to be approximately between 1.5 to 2 inches in size. Although this hailstorm was not as powerful as the hailstorms of 2012, upper-Valley residents certainly felt the disastrously effects of this storm.

At the Moore Law Firm, we have seen countless cases in McAllen and all over South Texas where insurance companies have denied, delayed, and underpaid rightful claims by property owners who were victims in other hail and windstorms that caused upwards of tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage. These practices are ILLEGAL and you have already paid ENOUGH in premiums and payments to your insurance company.

By The Numbers

In 2013, State Farm, alone, made $68.3 BILLION in revenue. To put that into perspective, that iss more than McDonald's, Nike, and Visa COMBINED! At the end of the day, an insurance company is just another business trying to make a profit, even if that means breaking the law by rejecting your rightful claim. Over 6,500 cases have already been filed with the Hidalgo County District Court. Those are over 6,500 different rejected claims, over 6,500 different families, over 6,500 different stories of how every-day, hardworking, insurance premium paying people like the good citizens of McAllen, Alton, and Mission were unjustly rejected and left to pay for their leaky roofs, broken windows, torn up fences, and damaged homes out of their own pocket by their multi-billion dollar insurance company. Our dedicated, insurance fighting attorneys at the Moore Law Firm think ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. It's time to get your claim PAID.

So, what do I do if my claim was denied, delayed, or underpaid?

Call the Hailstorm Lawyers at The Moore Law Firm immediately. According to Texas Law, insurance companies may potentially be held liable for up to THREE TIMES the damages for acting in bad faith and even pay your attorney's fees. We are here to help you navigate the insurance claims process and get the compensation you deserve. You may be owed much more than you have already been paid. Contact us today for your free initial consultation at 956-630-HAIL or use our online form to figure out your deadline today.

Time is Ticking Away...

When the 2012 hail and windstorms devastated Hidalgo County, your first concern was for the safety of your friends and neighbors, the second for your property. But now is the time to make sure you and your loved ones will be properly compensated for any damages to your homes and businesses and time is running out.


Texas law imposes certain deadlines or time periods that affect any potential hail or windstorm claim or lawsuit that you may have. Additionally, your insurance policy may contain certain time limits you must comply with in order to pursue any claims you may have. If you do not comply with deadlines set forth under Texas law and your insurance policy, your rights to bring a claim or lawsuit will be forever lost.


Often, the deadline will need to be determined on a case-by-case basis. Generally speaking, Texas law allows parties to a contract to limit the time to file suit by agreement. Because you insurance policy is considered a contract, your insurance company may argue that the deadline runs when your policy says it runs (often within two years of the occurrence). The deadline is often listed in your insurance policy under a "Suit Against Us" or similar provision. The date your claim was underpaid or denied could also dictate your ability to recover under Texas law, although the safe bet is to file your lawsuit prior to the two-year anniversary of the storm. Either way, you must file your lawsuit within the designated time period or you will forever lose your rights to pursue your claim.

In order for your specific deadline to be determined, it is imperative that you have a hail/windstorm insurance attorney analyze the facts of your case and review your paperwork immediately, including your:

  • Insurance Policy
  • Declarations Page
  • Correspondence From Your Insurance Company
  • Check Stubs From Insurance Payments
  • Any Other Documents From Your hail/windstorm Claim

This information will guide a hail/windstorm insurance attorney in determining your specific deadline to file a hail/windstorm lawsuit.

The attorneys of The Moore Law Firm are here to help you navigate the insurance claims process and get the compensation you deserve. You may be owed much more than you have already been paid, but you must move quickly, as time is running out! Contact us today for your free initial consultation at 956-630-HAIL or use our online form to figure out your deadline today.


It's important to get organized and follow these basic tips that will help you through this unfamiliar process:

1. Get Your Claim Started
Call your insurance agent or company, and get a claim number. Your insurance company needs to know your house has gone through this historic hailstorm.

2. Even If You Don't See Damage
The insurance company must inspect your house. Why? Later on when you sell your house, if the buyer's inspector finds hail damage, you will pay for the repairs not your insurance company. You've paid those premiums for years; don't hesitate to get your claim moving forward.

3. Written Notice
You are required to give proper notice to the carrier about your claim. Written notice is the best practice. If you need a form, please send me an email, and I'll send you a form. My email address is: mmoore@moore-firm.com

4. Repair Records
I can't tell you how important this is. Clean up work, temporary repairs, tarps on roofs, debris removal, pool cleaning, etc.... anything you did or purchased, may be used against your deductible or may be reimbursable. Keep a diary with dates, times and notes of all your conversations with your adjuster.

5. Pictures
Document all your damages. The old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, is true. A year from now while fighting with your insurance carrier, your memory will have faded. So, pictures of your damages will help you get reimbursed for your loss.

6. Temporary Repairs
Make any necessary repairs so that your property damage doesn't get worse. Put tarps on roofs, boards on windows, and remove broken tree limbs, etc. Take before and after pictures.

7. Make A List Of Your Damages
This will help you get organized and keep track of what you've lost.

8. Insurance Policy
If you can't find it, call your agent, and they will send it to you, free of charge.

9. Inspectors
Only let your insurance adjuster and contractor get on your roof. Each time someone walks on your roof, more damage may likely occur.

10. Second Opinion
After the insurance adjuster gives you their estimate, get a second, unbiased opinion from a licensed contractor. The insurance company may try to save money by undervaluing your claim. Get an independent repair estimate, in a form understood by the insurance industry, so the repairs will be authorized. If you need assistance with finding a qualified, licensed inspector, send me an email or call.

11. Claim Process
Since this storm was declared a "catastrophe," your insurance carrier will have 30 days to accept or reject your claim. Within this period, the insurance carrier may ask for more time, and will send you written notice why it needs this extension. Once your claim has been accepted, the carrier must pay you within 5 business days. You need to promptly respond to any requests for information from your carrier; any hindrance will only delay the carrier's statutory requirement to timely pay you. Claims adjusters will deal with you directly and ... these adjusters are highly trained and skilled negotiators. That "Second Opinion" will give you solid grounds to advocate your position.

The insurance claim process will take time and likely be very frustrating. If you have any other questions or comments, please don't hesitate to call or send me an email. Talk to you soon.

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